Animal Science’s West Lafayette Industry Tour

By now I think it’s safe to assume that most of you know that I am an agricultural communications major here at Purdue. One thing that I might not have mentioned is that I am also getting a minor in animal science.

Being an animal science student brings a lot of unique opportunities to students like live farm experience, working with animals in a hands-on environment, and something we like to call industry tours.

The typical industry tour includes going around to different businesses and organizations within the animal science industry to see what they do and what they help provide to the people of the industry.

So naturally, we wanted to create our own “Industry Tour” right here on campus to showcase the unique establishments we have to offer.

Tonight will be the 2011 West Lafayette ANSC Industry Tour!

We will be starting at Boiler Market to preview the wonderful, fresh ingredients they serve their customers. The ingredients were grown from producers in the agricultural industry and we want to get the experience firsthand.

Next, we will be venturing across State Street to visit the popular Jakes Roadhouse. Roadhouses are popular in the western scene and are described as a local inn or restaurant, located along highways or roads that commonly serve meals, and features music and dancing for entertainment.

Jake’s has several agricultural aspects and is famous for their “free hotdogs” at 11p.m. each night. As you should know, hotdogs are typically made from beef or pork so we wanted to test out the quality of their product (which we heard was pretty good).

After we have evaluated the hotdogs, we then plan to visit Brother’s Bar & Grill. Brother’s is known for their “Wing Wednesday” 10 cent buffalo wings—which aren’t made out of buffalo, contrary to popular belief! They are made out of chicken, also one of our animal science species. We are trying to incorporate as many animal science aspects into this, so we want to see how they go about making their wings so popular.

By now, we have covered several of the major food groups. I think by this point, it is time to explore some of the popular libations that are available to patrons of West Lafayette. We wouldn’t want our palettes to get too dry from eating all of this great food!  So where else do we go, but Where Else?

Where Else? offers several selections as far as drinks go. Wait; get your mind out of the gutter! We won’t be going there to consume alcoholic drinks! I was CLEARLY talking about all of the soda and juices they serve.

We are responsible, diligent students. Why would we ever want to go do something like drink in college?

Now, to wrap up our lovely meal and tour, what else are we missing? Oh yeah, dessert! We can’t forget about visiting Harry’s Chocolate Shop to pick up some amazing chocolate treats! They do serve chocolate there right? J

Whew! By the time we have visited all of these places, I will be worn out! Guess it will be pretty late by then too. But wait, someone’s STILL hungry? Even after we ate all of that food on the tour? Well, guess we’ll just have to stop by Taco Bell on the way home since they have “Late Night 4th Meal”.  I’ve heard that’s a pretty popular place on Purdue’s campus at about 2-4a.m.!

So, now that you’ve heard about all of the FUN things we do on an industry tour, maybe you’d like to join us to learn more interesting things about agriculture!

Oh and if you don’t understand that “cull” means, you probably aren’t an animal science student. We’ll tell you if you come on the industry tour tonight!

See you on the tour!


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