PANCAKES! Get your PANCAKES! (Did I mention they were FREE?)

So unless you’ve been living under a rock the past few days, you should know it is Grand Prix this week. As everyone knows, Grand Prix comes with a few traditions: Racing, Grand Alternative, and FREE STUFF!

(I won’t go into the other traditions… you can find out about those on your own!)

Well, this week we have already given you some free stuff at the Milk Monday event like free grilled cheese and milk, but we aren’t stopping there!

The Purdue Ag Council will be continuing the free stuff tradition by hosting the Moonlight Pancake Breakfast TOMORROW night!

The Moonlight Pancake Breakfast is the Ag Council’s most popular event and they served over 2,000 students last year! I mean who doesn’t love free pancakes?

The breakfast will take place on Wednesday, April 13th from 9pm – 1am and will be located on the lawn in front of the Agriculture Administration building. At the event, Ag Council members will have music, be selling their CollegeOfAg T-Shirts, and of course, *FREE* pancakes, made fresh for you by your fellow students!

Also, this event is made possible through the generous allocation of a Grand Alternative Grant! Please help them keep this event alcohol and drug-free as they support Grand Alternative Week!

I will definitely be attending this event! I mean, who could pass up such a good time? I hope to see everyone out there tomorrow night and promise that you won’t be disappointed!

Happy Grand Prix!


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