Do you have your green shirt all ironed and ready to wear tomorrow?  Well if you don’t already, you should! Tomorrow will be the 2nd Annual “Wear Green in Support of Agriculture Day” and everyone is encouraged to wear a green shirt to show your support.

I learned about this event through Facebook and am definitely planning on participating.  This day was started by Rachel Erickson of the University of Wisconsin at River Falls and Barrett Smith of Kansas State University.  Last year, they had 9,978 confirmed attendees and I am trying to help them make it even bigger this year by inviting YOU to wear GREEN too!

People all over the United States will be sporting their green to help this cause, and students at Purdue are joining in too! Jamie Fuchs, a senior in interdisciplinary agriculture and animal sciences said she will be proudly wearing her green attire and will be encouraging all of her friends to do so as well.

In addition to wearing green, Jamie supports agriculture by raising beef cattle on her family farm and one day hopes to manage her own cattle operation. But even if you aren’t directly involved in production agriculture, you can still be a part of agriculture!

Just by going to the store to buy groceries, or wearing your everyday clothes, you are supporting the agricultural industry—and wethank you for that!

This event has even received national coverage by beefmagazine.com and even RFD-TV, Rural America’s Most Important Network. Mark Oppold, RFD-TV News Director will be covering the event from February 21st through March 9th.

Will any of you be wearing green tomorrow? I really hope you will go check out the facebook event and then report back to me with either pictures or comments if you saw anyone on campus wearing green!

Also, if anyone sends me a cool picture of themselves wearing green tomorrow, I will feature them in my next blog!


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