Awesome Jobs in Agriculture

When most people think of jobs in agriculture, they usually think of growing crops, raising livestock, or growing fruits and vegetables. While these are very popular jobs in agriculture, they aren’t the only careers that make up the industry. Today I wanted to share a few unique jobs in agriculture that you might now have known were considered Ag careers.

CNN Living compiled a list of cool jobs that pay well and out of the nine jobs they listed, four of them were in agriculture! Here’s some of the ones they listed along with my comments about how they relate to agriculture:

Unique Jobs in Agriculture:

1. Brewmaster

Who wouldn’t want to be the creator of a tasty ale that will be imbibed by many the partygoer? Plus, you get to do taste-testing along the way, which is always fun.

You wouldn’t normally think this is related to agriculture, but you have to know about the kind of grain you are putting into your beer, which requires some agricultural knowledge about the taste, scientific properties, and growing process of the grain you are using.

2. Food scientist- Flavor Inventor

You might not have ever cared who creates all the different flavors of ice cream as long as the scoops keep appearing in your bowl. Well, food scientists spend their days in laboratories developing and perfecting new flavors so that low-fat birthday cake ice cream tastes good and not, well, low-fat.

Believe it or not, not everyone realizes that their ice cream is an agricultural product created from milk. Some people just assume that it comes from the grocery store, but companies all over are hiring food scientists to help their products become the best. There is actually a whole food science major here in Purdue’s College of Agriculture!

3. Sommelier- Wine Professional

Fine diners know that the perfect meal isn’t just about the entrée; it’s also about the glass of wine that accompanies each course. From the first taste of the cheese flight to the last bite of gelato, the right wine can elevate any meal to a new level.

Fear not. Sommeliers know everything about wines, from the vineyards they were pressed in to the best entrées to pair them with. They take courses and obtain certification to become bona fide experts on the subjects so you never have to look at a wine list with confusion in your eyes.

If you want to get your start in becoming a sommelier, you can start right here by enrolling in the Wine Appreciation class on Purdue’s campus. For more information, search for FS470 on Purdue’s website.

4. Crop Duster- Field Pilot

A crop duster, also known as an agricultural pilot, flies a light aircraft that is equipped for dusting and spraying crops with powdered insecticides, fungicides, seeds and fertilizers.

When crop dusting, you must be adept at flying low while avoiding trees, power lines, fences and other obstacles. Pilots perform take-offs and landings on country roads or fields instead of runways.

This is a good career that has a very low turnover rate and can lead to other piloting opportunities. Being an ag pilot is one of the most exciting jobs in aviation, but it requires tremendous skill and precision.


Did you know these jobs were in agriculture? If so, let me know how you heard about them! Or would any of you want to have a job like this? Your comments are always appreciated! 🙂

Also, make sure to check out my partner Sarah’s blog for more interesting stories coming from south of State Street!


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