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Happy Meals To Promote The Importance Of Reading – McIndyMom’s Give-A-Way

As I scrolled through social media pages and blog posts over the weekend, I started to see the familiar “thankful” posts that are published each November. I always enjoy these.  I have never actually written a “thankful” post on my blog or social media pages, but they do make me reflect on all the things I am thankful for in my life.

My health, family, friends, faith, and my job are among the few obvious things I initially thought of, but as I reflected more, I know that I wouldn’t have gotten to where I am now without the solid foundation of skills and values that my parents instilled in me at a young age.

One of the most important of those being reading. Growing up, I can remember learning my ABC’s, my parents helping teach me to read with books like, “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” (anyone remember that one?), and taking trips to my local Library with my Aunt Beth.

Cover-of-The-Very-Hungry--006 photo 1

At the time, I may not have realized how valuable those experiences were, but the very fact that I am able to sit here and share my experiences through words just shows how many things in my life, as well as yours, are affected by our ability to read and write. And looking back, I have really come to cherish those memories.

Last Friday, November 1, was National Family Literacy Day and in support of this cause, McDonald’s launched a National Happy Meal Books Program to invite families to celebrate the joy of reading. Through November 14, children who order McDonald’s Happy Meals will find one of four limited edition books featuring stories that bring nutrition, imagination, and play to life. Each book also comes with it’s very own bookmark that kids can personalize.


I think this is so neat! I mean, the toys we got in Happy Meals when I was younger were cool and all, but books are something interesting and practical that kids can keep instead of hiding them in between the car seat cushions, or leaving them on the floor for you to step on, when they get bored with them.

Have you seen these books in your kids’ Happy Meals yet?

photo (2)

Along with these books being placed in Happy Meals nationwide, McDonald’s of Central Indiana is leading a “Give a Book, Get a Book” campaign! By donating a gently used children’s book, customers will receive a “Be Our Guest” card for a free Happy Meal to say thank you for helping to share the gift of reading with others in the Indy community.

Book donation sites will be set up around the area at the Ronald McDonald House, local libraries, and Indy Reads from Nov 1 – 14. In addition, participating libraries are hosting a “Happy Meal Day” with activities for kids and McDonald’s Happy Meal Books. To find a full list of book donation sites and participating libraries, click here:

Now, I know not all of you are in the Indy area, but I hope everyone can help me promote this event! To help in promoting the “Give a Book, Get a Book” campaign, McDonald’s Happy Meal Books program, and National Family Literacy Day, I am hosting a give-a-way for anyone who shares this post on their social media pages!

By entering the contest, and sharing these events, one reader will win a week of happy meal coupons, a $10 Amazon gift card and a copy of a Happy Meal Book! (Everything will even be put together in a Happy Meal box!)

Here’s how to enter:

1. Share this blog on Facebook, Twitter and or Pinterest leave a comment below with the URL to your post. Be sure to use the hashtag #mcIndyMoms so we can see your posts as well!

For additional entries: (each of these need a blog comment with the URL as well)

2. Tweet About The Give-A-Way:

Help @Chelsea_PA @indywithkids & @MyIndyMcDonalds promote reading! #McIndyMoms 

3.Like IndyWithKids on Facebook

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5. Follow @MyIndyMcDonalds on Twitter

6. Follow @Chelsea_PA on Twitter

The give-a-way will be open until this Sunday, November 10 so be sure to share with all your friends this week! Thanks to Indy with Kids and McDonald’s of Central Indiana for providing the awesome prizes and promoting the importance of reading!
If you’d like to increase your chances of winning, check out some of my fellow bloggers who are hosting this give-a-way too!

What was your favorite book as a child?



We have a winner!!  Congratulations to Angie MCKie! You are the winner of the McIndyMom’s prize pack! Please email me at to claim your prize! Thanks to everyone who shared my posts and followed the social media pages! Stay tuned to for more blog posts and potential give-a-ways! 

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Here is the full list of results:

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Zest N Zing : A Foodie Event For the At-Home Chef

Can @smileyradioshow and @paulpoteet please the palate of #Colts @JacobTamme and #Ch13WTHR’s @JennieWTHR?

You might be asking yourself, what is she talking about?

Well, have you ever seen the Food Network show Iron Chef America? (Two chefs go head-to-head in an hour long competition where they have to create the best food dishes with a “Secret Ingredient” and the winner is chosen by a panel of judges.)

With this show as inspiration, Indiana Farm Bureau has partnered with celebrities, chefs, and farmers (ALL from the Indy area) to create an Iron Chef of their own…only they’re adding a little “Zest” and a little “Zing” to make it fun for everyone!

But the best part about this… YOU ARE INVITED!

Here’s the 411:

Team Poteet: Weatherman Paul Poteet, Chef Carl Huckaby II and FarmWife Liz Kelsay


Team Smiley: WZPL’s Dave Smiley, Chef Jason Anderson, and FarmWifeHeather Hill

Out Teams

Paul PoteetCarl L. (Chip) Huckaby II, CSCLiz Kelsay
Dave SmileyJason M Anderson CEC, CCE, CCAHeather Hill

These two teams will go up against each other to create a dish that you can re-create at home! They will only have an hour to accomplish this goal before their dishes are places in front of the JUDGES. News Channel 13 WTHR’s Jennie Runevitch and the Indianapolis Colts’ Jacob Tamme will be the ones to taste their dishes and determine the winner.  (I am totally jealous of their job—YUM!)

Jacob TammeJennie Runevitch

“Zest N Zing: A Foodie Event for the At-Home Chef”

Wed. Feb. 22nd

5-7pm – Reception, 7-8:30pm Competition

Eugene & Marilyn Glick History Center

450 West Ohio Street
Indianapolis, Indiana 46202-3269

Tickets are only $20 each and it goes to benefit Gleaners Food Bank and Ronald McDonald House.

This is an event that everyone can enjoy! Your $20 ticket includes two drink tickets of the best Indiana beer and wines, five food tickets for great food from Hoaglin Fine Catering, a SWAG BAG, and the cooking competition. That is a FANTASTIC value for your money… did I mention that the proceeds go to charity? In my opinion, this is a MUST-SEE event that you won’t want to miss.

Also, I am going to be covering the event as the #OfficialTweeter with LIVE updates so make sure to follow me on Twitter :@Chelsea_PA

I will be going backstage to talk to the competitors and posting quotes, pictures, videos, and inside info as the competition heats up! Be sure to look for and mention the hashtag #zestnzing to get this event trending. There has already been a lot of #TwitterChatter about it!

To get the #OfficalTweet’sstarted, check out my Twitter to find out how YOU could get a seat at the judges table!  How awesome would that be? Getting to hang out with Jennie Runevitch and Jacob Tamme, NOT TO MENTION getting to taste all of the great food! You have to be at the event though so make sure to get your tickets before they run out.

Tickets can be purchased on the “Zest N Zing” website – CLICK HERE to register!

So, now that you’ve heard all about the latest SHOWDOWN in Indianapolis, you’re going to come right? You don’t want to miss this. It is going to be really fun and really funny with Smiley and Paul Poteet as team captains.

Paul Poteet has already started the jokes on twitter: @PaulPoteet: I am really looking forward to @smileyradioshowcounting all the Weight Watcher points of the #zestnzing items that evening.

I will be very impressed if Smiley can count all of the WW points of the food ingredients!

So, since I personally invited each of you… I expect you to be there to support the teams, local agriculture, and me in my Twitter career.  🙂

Be sure to listen to WZPL, watch WTHR, and check back at @Chelsea_PA to get more updates as the event gets closer!

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