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Fellow Agvocate Ryan Goodman Featured on CNN’s Food Blog Eatocracy!!

American cattleman and Agvocate Ryan Goodman is making noise on CNN’s food blog! He writes a great blog about growing up in agriculture, learning about ag in different parts of the country, and how we all need to work together to create a better understanding between the ag industry and consumers.
Great job, Ryan! I Am Agriculture Proud!


Slate Political Gabfest

The Slate Political Gabfest is put on by Emily Bazelon, John Dickerson, and David Plotz. In this week’s gabfest, they discuss American intervention in Libya, the Supreme Court’s look at women workers at Wal-Mart, and academic intimidation in the Midwest.

During their conversations they have a few common techniques that they use. In my opinion, as I analyzed the program, I thought it was kind of like a “discussion meet”. A discussion meet is this contest that we have in Farm Bureau where we discuss current topics in agriculture. It is along the lines of a debate, but instead of competing against each other, contestants work together to come to a conclusion and create potential solutions to these issues.

In the case of the Gabfest, they aren’t competing, but they discuss collaboratively by asking questions, bringing others into the conversation by asking questions, and facilitate the discussion to keep things on track; all of which are key components of discussion meets.

They also use techniques like bringing up past gabfests as examples, split up the talk time by giving each person their own  topic, and work to clear up confusion on issues so people will be more inclined to want to listen.

This podcast is an effective means of distribution for their material for a couple of reasons. It allows people to listen to this discussion in multiple areas such as on a laptop, iPod, or even their smart phone and it helps make it mobile. Being mobile helps create more convenience for the listeners and they can access the show no matter what time it is, unlike traditional radio or TV where they are live or a set-time program. One other thing that sets this apart from mainstream radio is that, as I mentioned before, it is available on iTunes and mobile applications which is a new trend in podcasts and digital programs.

This means of communication is also effective because listeners get access to the simplified and condense version of these topics, which can sometimes be confusing. People will be more inclined to listen and want to learn about these topics if they can be broken down for them.

The pace and energy of the Gabfest crew varies depending on what topic they are talking about. Each person kind of has their own personality and “character” on the show essentially. Emily is the bubbly, yet intelligent one; David is the more serious one; and John is the more sarcastic one.

Their pace is pretty standard and slow enough to follow, yet it fluctuates if the discussion becomes more intense or if someone gets more excited over a statement. Overall, their tone is serious with hints of humor. Their humor is evident in the beginning and end of their program. They kind of use that as an attention getter, and then transition into the serious tone when they get into the “meat” of their discussion.

Overall, I personally like this method of communication. Their Gabfest was pretty interesting, but sometimes I couldn’t always follow what they were talking about. I got lost in the transition into the third topic, from my aspect it wasn’t a clear transition from the first ones. It also seems like they are talking in circles sometimes. I realized that if you aren’t intently listening throughout the whole thing, you can easily get lost. But despite these things, I really did like their program as a whole. I would definitely listen to it if they were going to be talking about something I was interested in learning more about.

YouTube Dan, Dude, and Lori Mae Style

So I’m sure a majority of you have found yourself trying to be productive and then all of a sudden, you’ve wasted 45 minutes on YouTube watching random videos—it happens to the best of us. It’s just so easy to get caught up in watching news, music videos, or the most popular, random funny videos.

As we talk about YouTube in class, I decided to take a look at one of my favorite radio stations in Ft. Wayne to see how they use their YouTube channel.  For my analysis, I am going to be evaluating Ft. Wayne’s Country Station K105 and their morning show hosts- Dan, Dude, and Lori Mae.

I actually have a personal connection with them because I used to be Lori Mae’s intern back when she worked in Evansville so I have gone up to visit them a couple of times. From being up there and meeting the rest of the people at their station, I have begun to really like them and have continued to follow them on radio and their website. I wasn’t aware they actually had a YouTube channel until I did this research, so it was pretty neat to go back and watch some of the videos. I actually found one that I shot when I was visiting her for Country Fest. Check it out!

The main purpose of their channel is posting videos from the different events they do as well as random funny things that happen in the studio when they’re at work. They primarily use it for entertainment value and giving their listeners an inside look at what they do everyday.

From the Making good newspaper video article, K105 does some of the things very well; but they also need some improvement.  First of all, they are very visual which is good. Since radio is typically all audio, I think it adds a lot to their station and website that they post videos to YouTube. It helps their listeners connect with them better and get a better idea of who they are as people. Not to mention, their videos are really funny!

Which brings me in to the next point they made on the “good newspaper video” article. It’s all about emotion.

They do a good job of using emotion. Most of the emotions they play on are humor and sarcasm, but that’s kind of their personalities. Although, that’s not all they do. K105 also does a lot of neat work with St. Jude’s Hospital and they toured it this year, so Lori Mae documented her time there and got some great interviews and had some touching information and stories to share.

I have included some links with the videos from their St. Jude’s visit:

Another couple things they do well are capturing your attention, and finding a “character” in their videos.

Nason’s article says that a successful video needs a ‘character’ to be the star – find someone who is articulate and engaging, someone who makes quips and jokes – and does them in short, sweet sound bites.

In K105’s case they have three characters: Dan. Dude. & Lori Mae! They are all very humorous people and all sort of have their own character on their morning show. Dan is the more serious one, dry humor one; Dude is the crazy, loud one; and Lori Mae is the “little sister they pick on”, and country girl one.

Here is one really funny example they did where Dude gets into “character”. Side note, he’s usually the one they make dress up in all the funny outfits.

While watching all of their videos for the past few months, I also unfortunately noticed some things that they don’t do as well.

First of all, they aren’t a news station and they don’t have a trained camera person. They aren’t really worried about the camera work as much so they aren’t very disciplined in their shooting of the videos, which is one thing Nason mentioned.

They do a lot of panning, which was a no-no in the video world, and they also don’t use the rule of thirds that often because they are usually walking around or shooting on the move which is hard to do because it makes the camera shake.

It’s kind of hard to evaluate them based on the article’s standards of shooting video because they aren’t a news station and are usually using a “flip cam” to record their videos. I will say that they could use a few tips when shooting, but it’s really hard to compare the two in certain areas.

Overall I liked their YouTube channel and think it adds a lot to their station. They also link to it on their social media and promote that they are posting when they are on air so that helps attract viewers. I think they are doing a pretty good job from what I can tell it is a very effective addition to their station and website.



Tweeting Away from Miss Purdue

I hope everyone is having a great Valentine’s day weekend! I’m sure they’ve been filled with fun activities, but if you are looking for something else to do this evening, you should come out to the Miss Purdue Scholarship Pageant which is being held in Fowler Hall at 5 p.m. But if you can’t make it, don’t worry. I will be there covering the event LIVE via Twitter so be sure to tune in!

In case you aren’t familiar with Miss Purdue, here is a little background information:

The Miss Purdue University Scholarship Pageant is an annual scholarship competition where the winner goes on to compete in the Miss Indiana pageant. The Miss Purdue Pageant is put on by local sponsors and is a part of the Miss America umbrella organization. The first Miss Purdue University was crowned in 1957 and has been a big tradition on Purdue’s campus. To be eligible to compete, girls must be full-time students on Purdue’s campus and must be in good academic standing.

On their journey to becoming Miss Purdue, the girls go through several rounds of competition. Before the pageant, each girl is interviewed by a panel of judges and this score goes to a huge part of their final score after the evening portion. During the actual on-stage portion, there are four rounds: swimsuit, talent, evening gown, and on-stage question.

In addition to the actual competition, the girls take part in a fundraiser for Riley’s Children’s Miracle Network which is the national platform on the Miss America Organization. They girls also choose their own platform issue which they wish to support. These issues can be a cause they support, an organization they are a part of, or just something they are passionate about.

This year, we have two competitors representing the College of Ag and I am really looking forward to how they are going to do! I competed in this last year, and it was an awesome experience.

I will be writing a blog later tonight recapping the event, but I just wanted to let everyone know that I will be Tweeting before the event starts! I will be giving regular updates on the competition and how our CoA girls are doing so that everyone can cheer them on, even if you aren’t at the contest.

Log on to Twitter and follow me at Chelsea_PA to get my live updates! You can also follow the current Miss Purdue Rachael Bazzell as she passes on the crown!

As a past contestant, I am wishing good luck to all of this year’s competitors and will definitely be there to support my fellow sisters in agriculture!! See you in Fowler!

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