Light Through The Boston Marathon Darkness


I saw a rainbow on the way home from work today.. and with the sadness today in Boston filling my mind, it helped remind me that no matter how dark of a storm comes through, there is always light after the rain.


Even though there was so much unnecessary tragedy today, I couldn’t help but notice how many people sprung into action to help those in need! Thank you to all of you who helped the victims and are working to give them some light in their time of darkness!

My thoughts and prayers are with all those involved and I hope they can make it through this darkness and still see that there is light in the world, even if a few clouds try to cover it up!

***UPDATE: After posting this yesterday, it makes me so inspired that so many people are displaying the “light” mentality and are looking to overcome the darkness of yesterday! Of course, the sadness for all the victims is still very present, but I found several great stories and posts on social media of people supporting everyone involved and asking what they can do to help. Here are some links of uplifting stories and inspiring social media posts.

USA TODAY: Overwhelming Kindness Follows Boston Marathon Blast

USA TODAY: Former New England Patriot carries woman to safety after Boston Marathon explosion

CNN: Bostonians and others rush to support stranded visitors

Back To Her Roots: Confessions… 

Look For The Helpers



So PROUD to be part of such a great country! #PrayForBoston


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