Happy St. Nick’s Day!

St. Nick’s Day is a tradition that my family has celebrated as far as I can remember. If you aren’t familiar with this special day, the tradition of St Nick’s Day began in Europe and is celebrated mainly by the Catholic and Episcopalian Church to remember St. Nikolkaos of Myra who was a bishop that helped others by placing a coin in a needy person’s shoe or boot when they didn’t know.

Now, St. Nick’s Day is celebrated on December 6th and the tradition is for children to put their shoe outside their bedroom door and a special gift or surprise will be there in the morning for the good children, and the bad children received a lump of coal. This is also how the tradition of the Christmas stocking began. Instead of using the shoe or boot, we use a Christmas stocking.

Usually, my parents sent us something every year but this for St. Nick’s Day I sent a present to my family. Since we we’re able to be together today, I sent them this lovely little E-card. 🙂 They loved it so much that I decided to share it with you!

So please enjoy this little gem 🙂



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