Mystique Winery Opening In Lynnville, IN – Don’t Miss It!

My little hometown of Lynnville, IN is a thriving metropolis one stoplight town, like many small towns in America, that I love dearly. It has the basics – gas station, grocery store, bank, hair salons, high school, a couple restaurants and now… a winery. WAIT, what? A WINERY? IN LYNNVILLE?

(If you were from that area, you would understand my surprise.) But regardless, how awesome!

The Clutter family from Lynnville started the journey of building their vineyard and winery in 2008 with nine rows of grapevines. And now, with a lot of hard work and determination behind them, they are proud to present the grand opening of Mystique Winery and Vineyard!


This Saturday – TOMORROW – they are having their Grand Opening Event and everyone should definitely stop by!

Here’s the 411:

Mystique Winery and Vineyard Grand Opening Event

Saturday Nov. 17, 2012

13000 Gore Rd. Lynnville, IN 47619

11am – 6pm

(Or as Patti says, until the last person leaves) – gotta love that small town hospitality 🙂

There will be wine tasting, (wait, duh Chels, of course there will be wine tasting, I mean, it is a winery), tours, and a whole lot more! The Honey Vines (Andrea Wirth & Melanie Bosza) will also be playing from 12-4p.m. and from what I’ve heard, they’re pretty awesome.


I’ll have a full blog about Mystique Winery coming soon, but make sure to stop by their grand opening event tomorrow! You won’t be disappointed!

Hope to see you there!


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