Indy’s Fashion’s Night Out!!

I am so excited to share this post! Last week, I had the fun opportunity to attend an event at Saks Fifth Avenue in Indy for Fashion’s Night Out Indy presented by Pattern Indy. Thanks to my #TwitterGal Leslie Bailey, I was invited along with other fashion bloggers to attend the Saks Fashion Show and hangout in the Bloggers Lounge!



We got to get a behind the scenes look at the newest looks for fall, meet the models and took home an awesome swag bag!

Doesn’t all this look so fun! (I’ll give my reviews on those products in a future post!)

While in the bloggers lounge, I met some really fun new friends! The ladies from ScarvesDotNet were there and they were so great! They work together bringing you all things fashion and sell super cute scarves for way cheap! For more info on Fashion’s Night Out and how it got started, check out my new blogger pals’ blog for the Fashion 411!

Sarah H., Sarah T., Julie S., Molly B. and Me!

Next up was the show! Here are some of the great looks we saw!




Some of the popular things from this fall’s line at Saks are: gloves, tweed, leather jackets, patterned leggings, velvet, hats, fur (or faux fur), and great handbags!

It was a great mix of “era” type elements paired with modern pieces such as this great ensemble!

Molly said this was “So Gatsby!” and I think she was totally right!

From what you saw, what was your favorite piece or outfit?

The show was over pretty quickly but the fun didn’t stop there. The ScarvesDotNet gals and I went down to Nordstroms and they had this fun “Fabulous or Faux Pas” interactive contest and we held up a sign to share our vote! Most of them were fabulous, but there mightttttt have been a faux pas or two in there too. Sorry!

Overall, we had a GREAT time! I wish I lived closer to downtown so I could have checked out the other FNOIndy activities. This will definitely be on the list for next year!

Thanks Leslie for a great time!!

Well, I am all fashioned out for the night, but stay on the lookout for my FNOIndy SwagBag Review post coming up here soon. I can’t wait to try all my free samples!

And until next time, I will leave you with this classic SATC line from Carrie Bradshaw – “I like my money right where I can see it… hanging in my closet.”

I kind of like her line of thinking! 🙂

Oh and don’t you think I didn’t go and have my turn on the runway before we left! 🙂 #InnerModelAtHeart


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