And The Thunder Rolls…

I have to admit, I love storms! I was that kid who stood out on the porch every time it stormed to watch the lightning… (with my mom yelling at me to get back inside), but I just always thought it was so cool. Anyone with me on this?

Well, we were taking the usual weekend journey to southern Indiana (this time is was for our Nord family reunion) and a crazy storm popped up as we were approaching the Louisville area. So naturally, I started taking pictures!

Aren’t those clouds cool?

Can you believe that all these different colors came from the same storm, just different sides of the sky?

The boyfriend might have thought I was slightly overboard with the picture taking but who cares, it looked awesome! 🙂

I love this one because of the tree line that frames the clouds.

But best of all, I was taking shots of the lightning and happened to catch one just as the lightning strike went off and it ended up creating this half-processed effect! Let’s be real, I couldn’t have done this twice if I tried!


These were all from my iPhone, I wish I would have had my real camera so they would be more in focus but still, these were #nofilter (which in the world of Instagram is pretty rare) so I thought they were pretty good!

Have any of you captured some rare storm moments over the years? I’d love to see them!

Well, that’s all for now – I have to go get ready for the mass food consumption that’s about to happen at the Nord family reunion. I’d like to say that I’ll eat healthy since its summer and all, but let’s not kid ourselves… with my huge German catholic family of chefs and good cooks, it won’t happen. Guess that means I’ll be in Zumba a lot this week. 🙂

Happy Saturday!


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