So we all know that Wal-Mart has pretty much everything right?  But did you ever think you could go there to buy agricultural products?

Most people assume that you have to go to Rural King or Tractor Supply Company (if they even know what those stores are), but actually you don’t. You can buy your food, clothes, bathroom supplies, and agricultural things right in the same store!

And as a side note: your food, clothes, and most bathroom supplies are actually agricultural products too—but that’s a whole different blog topic. 🙂

But today, I wanted to share just a few of the familiar and not so familiar ag products in Walmart.


1. Mane ‘n Tail Shampoo and Conditioner:

Mane ‘n Tail products were originally developed for horses. Horse owners reported seeing significant improvement in the health and appearance of their horses’ manes and tails. Similar results were seen when horse owners and groomers used the products on themselves. This was the beginning of the Mane ‘n Tail legend. You can use it on both you and your horse!

2. Vegetable Garden Seed Packets:

These are very common products and are usually always in stock.
Also, most any vegetable you would want to grow is available from popular things like sweet corn or tomatoes, to more obscure things like okra or peppers.

3. Suncast 8-Panel Garden Kit:

Now if you’re saying to yourself, but I don’t have a garden to grow those seeds in… don’t worry, Wal-Mart has one of those too!  This Garden Kit has raised sides,  rigid resin construction and holds 14 cu. ft. of soil. It also comes with 8 panels, 12 connectors, and 16 steel spikes so you can grow multiple plants. How convenient!

4. Heartland: Metal Curry Comb

These are used to clean caked on mud out of livestock when they are extremely dirty. These have been used on horses, but typically aren’t recommended as they have sensitive skin. They are primarily used for cattle and are very common among the industry.

And finally…

5. Corn Huskers Lotion:

This one I found one day when I was just browsing the lotion aisle, I thought it was so cool! This lotion is an oil-free, heavy duty hand treatment that provides fast penetrating action.  It moisturizes and softens dry skin, as well as soothes discomfort of irritated, chapped or cracked skin.

This is very popular for farmers or people who are outside working with their hands a lot. Constant washing can also dry your hands out really bad, so this can also work for other professions.

Have you guys ever seen a new product in Wal-Mart that was agriculture related? I would be interested in hearing about them!

Also, be sure to check back tomorrow for a preview of a neat event that I will be participating in next week!


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  1. Thanks for linking to our story on farm products found in everyday items!


  2. Great post! Thanks for linking to ours!


  3. Bag Balm is typically used on udders of dairy cows and wounds on horses/ cattle. It works well as a Vaseline-Neosporin hybrid that is great for dry or cracking skin, cutical health, burns, cuts, ect. The container comes in lots of sizes, it’s a green tin with roses on the top, can’t miss it! Works great on house pets too!


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