Real World Noblesville

Hey Everyone!

It’s been a long time since I last posted a blog, but it has been a very busy yet exciting time in my life! I graduated from Purdue in May and have since moved up to Noblesville, IN to start working for Beck’s Hybrids as a Marketing Associate.

After graduation, I was very busy getting ready for the big move. I got to spend a lot of quality time with my mom shopping for furniture and things for my new apartment. We have a lot of fun painting, antiquing and reupholstering my furniture—it was hard work, but very cool when we finally got it finished!

We were working right down to the wire, but we got everything in and packed into the trailer to head north. The actual day of the move was a crazy one too because we were coming up and back in one day. I was at least. My whole family and boyfriend Tyler helped move me up there, but Tyler and I had to come back that night because we were both in his brother’s wedding.

Check out the pictures below of some stuff we worked on…

I am finally getting settled in to my new place and am excited for visitors to come see it. The apartment complex is nice and I am meeting new people every day. I do wish it wasn’t a 3.5 hour drive home, but it could be much farther so I have to stay positive.

The adjustment has also been easier because I get the pleasure of having my sister live with me for the summer! She has an internship in Edinburg so we have been getting to spend a lot of quality time together to make up for being 4 hours apart at college.

A lot of changes have been happening, but I like this new chapter of my life so far. I am in my second week of work at Beck’s and have been learning a lot already.

Check back soon for my next blog about my transition into the “Real World”. (Don’t worry; I’m not joining the reality show) 🙂





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