Good afternoon everyone! In case you haven’t heard or seen all of the campaigning going on around campus, today starts Purdue Student Government Elections!

Have you voted yet?

Well if not, you still have time. The elections are open from today until Thursday night at midnight.

I wanted to take the chance in today’s blog to tell you about some of the candidates that are in this year’s race for office. I am very proud to say that we have several students from the College of Agriculture!

In the President/Vice President category, we are very excited to have one of State Street’s own running for vice president. Her name is Laura Donaldson and she is running along with Alex Robinson as part of the Alex&Laura: Your Purdue, Moving Forward campaign. She is the only candidate from the College of Agriculture and we are very proud to have her representing our department.

Laura is a sophomore in Agribusiness Management. On campus Laura is involved as the College of Agriculture’s Senator for Purdue Student Government, an Agriculture Ambassador, a member of the Purdue Foundation Student Board, and the Treasurer of Collegiate Farm Bureau. Additionally Laura spends her extra time working at home on her own farming operation and helping her father run his crop farm and small family business.

I am great friends with Laura and I have seen all that she can do on the professional level. She is always willing to help anyone in need and has some great ideas for the Purdue Student Body Government.

Make sure to check out their awesome Website and well as their Facebook Pages, Twitter, and Blog.

One other thing I know about them…they sure know how to campaign!! They even have Bruce the Piano Man at the Cactus supporting them! How cool!


All of the candidates running for President and Vice President are listed below:

  • Daniel Spivey and Joe Mecca
  • Alex Robinson and Laura Donaldson
  • Nathan Murphy and Brianna Engel
  • Brett Highley and Monica Harvey

The other vote students will cast today is for College Senators. Each college elects two senators to represent them in student body government meetings. For the College of Agriculture we have four very qualifies candidates running. They are:

  • Addison Lopp
  • Joe Harmeyer
  • Aaron Birge
  • Joe Rust

I personally know all of these guys and I think any of them could do a great job as senator. I encourage you all to go check out their facebook pages or read more about them before voting.

If you aren’t in the College of Ag, I still encourage you to find out about all of the candidates and your specific college’s senator candidates and vote. Voting is the only way to get your candidate in office and everyone should be informed about what their government is doing.

Not sure how to vote? Well here’s how:

1.      Log on: Get Involved

2.      Log In: with your Career Account Information

3.      Click: on the Vote Now Link on the Homepage

4.      Select your candidates!

It’s that simple! It only takes a couple minutes so I really hope you all go out and vote!

Also, don’t forget to check out my fellow South of State Street’er Sarah’s blog–Boiler Up!



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