To start off my posts this week, I wanted to share something really cool that’s happening THIS WEEK that not many people know about. It’s called Food Check-out Week and its sponsored by the Farm Bureau Organization.

Food Check-Out Week is a national program that is helping consumers find solutions to eating healthy on a stretched budget. National FCO Week is going on the rest of this week and I encourage all of you to check it out! There are several Food Check-out activities happening right here in Indiana, and they all go to a great cause.

All this week, Indiana Farm Bureau members will be stocking the shelves of charities like Ronald McDonald House, local food banks and shelters with food and cash donations. Counties will also be using this opportunity to spread the news of how every American benefits from the efficiency and productivity of our nation’s farm families.

Did you know that most American families earn enough income by mid-February to pay for their food for an entire year?!

Honestly, I didn’t either! Its things like this that Farm Bureau and their Women’s Leadership Committee are trying to help consumers think about when they are buying groceries.

Here are some other neat things they are doing around the area to help support this cause:

  • Last year, the Marion County Farm Bureau gave away $1,000 in free groceries to one lucky member!
  • Follow the hashtag #FCOW on Twitter to learn more about Food Check-Out Week,
  • Connect on Facebook – for every fan, Farm Bureau will donate $1 to Ronald McDonald House.
  • Their goal is to raise $3,500 by April!
  • Supermarket demonstration stations –Check  your local grocery!

Registered Dietitian Cynthia Chandler (L) offers tips on buying fresh produce during a pilot supermarket tour organized by the AFB Women's Leadership Committee.

This is a really neat program and can offer some very useful information for everyone—so get out there and “CHECK it OUT”!

McLennan County Farm Bureau -- McLennan CFB board members surprised local shoppers by offering to pay for the farmers' contributions to their grocery baskets.


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